Key Takeaways

  • Types and Location: Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor unit will greatly influence your choice. Outdoor ovens can be a focal point for your backyard gatherings. In contrast, indoor models are designed for kitchen use.

  • Portability: If you prefer flexibility, a portable pizza oven may be ideal. Easily move it for events or store it when not in use.

  • Design and Size: Your space constraints and aesthetic preferences should guide your decision on the design and size of the oven. Measurement is essential to ensure a good fit in your allotted space.

  • Heat Source: The heat source affects flavor and cooking time. Wood-fired ovens offer a traditional smoky taste, while gas-powered ovens provide convenience and control.

Overview of Pizza Ovens

Pizza ovens can be broadly categorized based on their location and portability: outdoor and indoor, as well as portable and non-portable.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens:

  • Design: They come in various designs from traditional brick to modern stainless steel.
  • Size: Sizes range widely, from compact models that fit small patios to larger units that can serve as backyard centerpieces.
  • Heat: Many reach high temperatures essential for that perfect pizza crust, up to 900° or more.

Indoor Pizza Ovens:

  • Typically smaller and designed to fit on a countertop.
  • Heat: They often utilize electricity or gas to achieve the necessary cooking temperatures.

Portable Pizza Ovens:

  • Easily transportable, ideal for camping or picnics.
  • Design: Engineered for convenience without sacrificing the quality of your pizza.

Your choice should align with how you plan to use it. An outdoor oven is perfect for an authentic experience and entertaining. If you’re tight on space or prefer the ease of use, an indoor model might be your best bet. For those who love to take their pizza-making outdoors, a portable oven is unmatched. Remember to consider the size relative to your available space and the heat source that fits your lifestyle.

Types of Pizza Ovens

In terms of choosing a pizza oven, you'll encounter a range of fuel types and functionalities. Your selection can influence flavor, convenience, and cooking temperature control.

Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

A pizza is sitting on a wooden board in front of a fireplace.

Wood fired pizza ovens are prized for their high cooking temperatures and the unique, smoky flavor they impart to the pizza. You can use various types of wood to fuel these ovens, including hardwoods like oak and fruit woods for different tastes. Managing the heat requires experience as wood is the primary fuel, but many enthusiasts find the results well worth the effort.

Gas-Powered Pizza Ovens

A pizza is being cooked in a wood fired oven.

Gas-powered pizza ovens offer ease of use and consistent heat control, making them a popular choice for both homes and restaurants. Typically running on propane or natural gas, these ovens heat up quickly and don't require the same level of attention as wood-fired options. Their portability often makes them a flexible addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal.

Electric Pizza Ovens

Timing equipment for electronic ovens

Electric pizza ovens are the go-to option for indoor use or where gas and wood are not practical options. They plug into an electrical outlet and offer precise heat control, allowing you to achieve consistent results. While they might lack the authentic flavor of a wood-fired oven, they are incredibly convenient for regular use.

Hybrid Pizza Ovens

Hybrid pizza ovens combine multiple fuel types, such as gas and wood or charcoal and wood pellets, giving you the flexibility to switch between fuel sources. These ovens allow you to enjoy the flavor of wood-fired pizzas while also benefiting from the convenience of gas when needed. These versatile units often come with separate compartments or settings for each fuel type.

Cost Considerations of a Pizza Oven

Pizza ovens can be a significant investment, but understanding the breakdown of costs and additional factors will help you make a wiser decision.

Pizza Oven Cost in Pizzello

Here is a breakdown of the average costs for different types of pizza ovens in Pizzello.

Wood-fired pizza oven:

The 12-inch Pizzello 4-in-1 Outdoor Pizza Oven is available at Pizzello for $82.99, 16-inch pizza oven for $123.8.  Choose whatever model as to your preferences.

The Pizzello Forte Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven is listed at a regular price range from $123.99 in 12 inches to $179.99 in 16 inches on the Pizzello website.

Gas pizza oven:

The Pizzello Forte Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Propane & Wood is priced at $199.99 in 12 inches and $309.99 in 16 inches on the Pizzello site.

The cost can vary widely depending on size, materials, features, whether it's for home or commercial use, and if you build it yourself or hire a professional. The operating costs for a gas or wood-fired oven are also an important consideration. 

Best Value for Money: Depending on your needs, mid-range models often offer the best compromise between quality and price. Portable units in this category often balance cost with functionality effectively.

Additional Pizza Oven Costs to Consider

Fuel Costs

  • Wood: The fuel itself is relatively inexpensive (around $200-300 per cord of wood), but will need to be continually restocked. Figure about 1-2 cords per year for residential use.
  • Gas: Operating costs run around $20-40 per month depending on usage. Ensure your gas line can handle the BTU load. Permit and installation costs add $200-500.
  • Electricity: About $30-50 per month for a residential electric oven. Commercial models have higher operating costs.


  • Tools: $150-300 for essentials like peels, brushes, thermometers.
  • Ventilation: $500+ for proper chimney/venting for wood-fired or gas ovens. It prevents smoke and helps the oven perform optimally.
  • Counters/storage: $500-2,000+ for built-in setups with cabinets, prep space, etc. Depends on materials and complexity.
  • Weather protection: $300+ for insulation blanket or custom housing/cover to protect outdoor oven.

Tips to Reduce Costs While Using a Pizza Oven

It's vital to recognize that initial investment does not equate to total cost. Your approach to using the oven can have a significant impact on whether your experience leans more affordable or expensive.

  • Choose the Right Fuel: Hardwoods like oak, maple, and beech are more efficient and burn longer. Using the right wood can reduce the amount you need, leading to savings.
  • Insulation is Key: Properly insulating your pizza oven retains heat better, meaning it stays at the right temperature for longer without constant fuel addition.

Here are a few strategies:


Cost-Saving Tip

Starting and Maintaining Fire

Use quality kindling and maintain a moderate flame to avoid excessive wood use.

Baking Efficiency

Only fire up your oven when you're ready to bake multiple items back-to-back.

Leveraging Heat

After the pizza is baked, use the residual heat to cook other meals like roast or bread.

For those who seek the best value without sacrificing performance, consider investing in the best portable pizza oven. Portable options tend to be more energy-efficient and require less fuel.

  • Maintenance Matters: Regularly clean and maintain your oven to ensure it functions efficiently.
  • Smart Purchases: Keep an eye on the stock of necessary supplies and buy in bulk during sales to reduce overall expenses.

How Much is a DIY Pizza Oven Kit?

When considering a DIY pizza oven kit, you’re looking at costs that vary widely based on size, materials, and brand. However, it is possible to find a kit that balances affordability with quality.

  • Affordable Options: Pizza oven kits that are considered affordable can start as low as $200 and can go up to approximately $1,000. These are often more basic and may be smaller in size.

  • Mid-Range Kits: For a balance of quality and investment, expect to pay between $1,000 to $2,500. These kits generally offer a larger cooking surface and more durable materials.

  • Premium Kits: If you are looking for the best overall in terms of durability and size, you might be looking at a price tag that ranges from $2,500 to over $5,000.

When you select a DIY pizza oven kit, consider your usage. If you want something that's best portable, you can opt for a lighter, more affordable model. For those seeking the best value, consider kits that offer the best balance between price and performance. Keep in mind that the stock of kits can affect availability and pricing.

Remember, the initial cost isn’t the only consideration; think about long-term value and how often you'll use your pizza oven. A more expensive kit could prove to be a better investment over time due to durability and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for outdoor pizza ovens in Pizzello? 

The price range for Pizzello brand outdoor pizza ovens is $82.99 to $ 309.99. Specifically:

The 12-inch Pizzello Gusto 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven is priced at $82.99.

The 16-inch Pizzello Forte Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven Propane & Wood is $309.99.

What are the expenses associated with running a pizza oven?

Running a pizza oven involves several costs such as the fuel, whether it's wood, propane, or electricity, as well as maintenance and potential repairs. These ongoing expenses will vary based on the type of oven and frequency of use.

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