Home pizza ovens are quite well-liked. Pizza lovers all over the nation are discovering how easy and inexpensive it is to make pizza in these incredibly hot gas and wood ovens. In a pizza oven, pizza may usually be prepared in less than five minutes, more frequently in two or three.

Why individuals spend a lot of money on the best outdoor pizza ovens is easy to comprehend: They are relatively portable, easy to set up and use, quickly reach their maximum temperature, and can make delicious pies in a matter of minutes.  In a competent pizza oven, high temperatures can be attained without the lengthy preheating times and tedious cleanup that normal household ovens necessitate. A pizza oven is typically considerably more versatile than its name would imply. It may be used to make delicious veggies, perfectly seared steaks, fish with extra crispy skin from roasting, and more.

They are decently priced as well. When compared to the days when elaborate brick ovens were built in backyards, the majority of outdoor pizza ovens only cost a few hundred dollars, which is a small investment. Last but not least, many of them may be set up and operated with just a table, a propane tank, or some wood.

Are you prepared to spend money on an outdoor pizza oven? Let's take a closer look at the best models that we tested.

Pizzello Forte Gas - Outdoor Pizza Oven Propane & Wood

The Pizzello Forte Gas pizza oven is easy to use thanks to the large opening and the smaller pizza peel that are included. Pie rotation is quick and simple thanks to the smaller peel's convenience in the oven. This oven quickly reaches temperature and keeps it there while cooking. Pizza cooked on it comes out beautifully melting and golden brown because of how evenly and effectively it cooks the pies.

Included are foldable legs, a visible fire, and a thermometer. The Pizzello Forte Gas pizza oven comes with two burners, both of which can be switched between with ease. Choose between a wood-fired pizza oven's authentic flavor and the convenience of a gas oven. With a multifunctional oven, you can prepare a range of foods. There are countless alternatives, so try seared steaks, broiled fish, roasted vegetables, and more!

We value the retractable legs and the inclusion of practical extras like a travel case, a gas hose, a gas burner, a pizza peel, a pizza stone, and a wood tray. This portable pizza oven is an excellent choice for folks who enjoy camping or enjoying trips outside.

 outdoor pizza ovens


Price at time of publishing: $209.99 (12-inches) $319.99 (16-inches)

Fuel source: Gas or wood

Pizza Diameter:  12 inches and 16 inches

Temperature range: Up to 752 °F

Pizzello Gusto - 4 in 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven

A grill, a fire pit, and a pizza oven. Pizza peel, pizza cutter, pizza stone, and grill grate. You have everything you need for the ideal evening with food and companions. We employ premium materials for more even heat dissipation and good insulation. Premium steel is easy to clean by wiping with a clean cloth and has a unique coating that resists fingerprint stains. The pizza can be cooked in the oven for 60 seconds to create that lovely crust without burning it because the temperature can exceed 752°F (400°C). You may cook pizzas as well as other foods including roasted veggies, grilled salmon, seared steaks, and more. ideal for pizza and BBQ. All of the distinctively smoky tastes that come from wood-burning ovens are there. pizza with a lightly blackened crust, nicely seared stakes, and delectable vegetables. Graze on your meal. Using the proper heat to achieve a gorgeous, crisp crust is the secret to making the ideal pizza. Every oven at Pizzello reaches the exact 700+°F that pizza professionals use. Perfect for forming a crust without scorching the pizza. Our Pizzello Gusto is available for use all night. After you're done cooking, use it as a lovely fire pit to set the tone for the evening. Together, enjoy a toasted marshmallow! Pizzello Gusto may be used with a variety of fuel types, so you can start your first pizza using wood, pellets, or charcoal.

 outdoor pizza ovens

  • Price at time of publish: $94.99 (12-inches) $142.49 (16-inches)
  • Fuel Source: Wood, Wood Pellets, Charcoal
  • Pizza Diameter: 12 inches and 16 inches

Temperature range: Up to 752 °F

Pizzello Grande - Outdoor 2-Layer Pizza Oven

With 288 square inches of cooking space, you can prepare pizza, a side dish, and vegetables all at once.  Even a full chicken can be cooked by removing the center rack. With its stainless-steel handle, Pizzello Grande is easy to carry wherever you go. For the perfect pizza to have a gorgeous, crisp crust, the heat must be just right. Pizzello guarantees that every one of their ovens will reach the standard 700°F used by pizza chefs. The pizza may get a nice crust without burning. Smoky flavor can be achieved by using charcoal, wood, or pellets. Your pizza, steak, and vegetables will taste better than ever before. We use high-quality materials to ensure effective insulation and uniform heat transfer. Premium steel has a special coating that prevents fingerprint stains, making it simple to clean with a damp cloth. If you wait 20-25 minutes, your oven can reach 752°F (400°C), meaning you can cook the pizza in 60 seconds and get a perfect crust every time. Pizzas can be cooked along with roasted vegetables, fish, steaks, and more. By opening or closing the vents on the door and on the chimney to change the airflow within, you can simply control the fire and temperature. When cooking two pizzas at once, we advise placing the pizza stone on the lower layer because the temperature of the lower layer will be higher than the upper layer. Make it simple to control the fuel supply and combustion.

 outdoor pizza ovens

  • Price at time of publish: $119.99 (12-inches) $154.99 (16-inches)
  • Fuel Source: Wood, Wood Pellets, Charcoal
  • Pizza Diameter:  12 inchesand 16 inches
  • Temperature range: Up to 752 °F

Ooni Koda 12 Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven

Since Ooni is a well-known brand in pizza ovens, it should come as no surprise that it is at the top of our list. The Koda 12 is one of the less expensive models from the manufacturer, but after extensive testing both in the lab and at home, we decided that it was the best option overall for a number of reasons. First off, setting it up and using it couldn't be simpler: You can use it after taking it out of the box and opening the legs.

With a sleek design, no chimney, and three legs that keep it steady on any surface, this oven is beautiful. Cold-rolled steel with powder coating and embellishments made of stainless steel make up the body. Weighting slightly under 30 pounds, we found it to be lightweight and portable. The legs fold down for storage or transportation. For the ideal pizza crust, it also has a stone baking sheet that can accommodate pizzas up to 13 inches in diameter (the pizza stone is 13.3 inches wide).

The Koda 12 test took 15 minutes to reach the ideal temperature. Although we measured the rear of the oven at "just" 830 degrees in that time frame, we believed that was plenty hot and still one of the quickest preheat speeds of all the ovens we examined. The manufacturer states it takes 15 minutes to reach 950 degrees. This oven's claim of being able to cook a pizza in a minute was confirmed when we cooked our whole-wheat pie. It just took us an additional 30 seconds to make the supreme pizza.

Additionally, it consistently produced many pizzas, back-to-back, with uniformly melted cheese and perfectly cooked toppings, which impressed us. Although the Koda 12 cooks quite evenly, you must turn the pizza every 20 seconds or it will burn at this high temperature. It takes some time to get the hang of turning, but once you do (and we discovered that a smaller peel helps), making pizzas is simple.

Beyond just pizza, we also used it to successfully cook whole fish, steak, lamb chops, pineapple, tomatoes, maize, sweet potatoes, beets, and other vegetables. This is an excellent oven for pizza and other uses at a fair price.

Although it isn't completely weatherproof, it is simple to clean and easy to relocate out of bad weather. If you purchase directly from Ooni's website, you'll receive a three-year warranty.

The Ooni Koda 16, this model's larger sibling, can accommodate pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter and may be modified to run on a house gas line rather than a propane cylinder if you need more space. In comparison to the Koda 12, it performed similarly well in lab tests, although it cost more and took longer to heat up.

 outdoor pizza ovens


  • Price at time of publish: $399
  • Temperature Range: Up to 950 degrees
  • Fuel Source: Propane
  • Pizza Diameter: 13 inches

Temperature Range: Up to 950 °F

Gozney Dome Dual-Fuel Pizza Oven

The Gozney Dome can fill in when you need a high-end pizza oven but don't want to build a custom brick oven in your backyard. Although we found the bigger pizzas to be more challenging to put and stay far enough away from the flames, it has a wide opening that may accommodate larger pizzas (15 or 16 inches). The dual-fuel oven features an integrated thermometer that makes it simple to verify the internal temperature. It can burn both wood and gas (there are various variants for wood and propane or wood and natural gas). It will need two persons to safely move the 128-pound Gozney Dome onto a table or cart because it is a heavy object. Given that Gozney's stand is designed expressly to handle the Dome and has four caster wheels so you can move the oven around with ease, we advise purchasing it. The oven is delivered mostly built, but you must install the included battery in the digital display before using it for the first time. With this model, you should allow extra time because it took 45 minutes to achieve its maximum temperature during testing. Because the oven is so large, you can experiment with placement depending on how close to the heat you want your pie to be. The oven's temperature was 750 degrees in the rear, 720 at the front, 900 on the left, and 700 on the right after 45 minutes. Fortunately, the large opening of the Dome makes it simple to rotate the pizza for even cooking. It takes some time for it to heat up, but the results were worthwhile. Although pricey, it is quite enjoyable to use. A thinner, bare-bones pizza can be cooked in just 30 seconds! Although cooking on gas was a little simpler, we prefer the smoky flavor that cooking on wood offers. Testing revealed that both approaches produced reliable outcomes for a variety of pizzas. This oven may be used for other baking or roasting tasks in addition to making pizza, and it includes two probe thermometers that plug into jacks on the front. Gozney also frequently releases new pizza tools and other accessories to enhance the functionality of its ovens.

 outdoor pizza ovens

  • Price at time of publish: $1,999
  • Fuel Source: Wood and propane or natural gas
  • Pizza Diameter: 16 inches

Temperature Range: Up to 950 °F


Solo Stove Pi Pizza Oven

The Solo brand may be well-known to outdoor lovers for its fire pits or camping stoves, a collection of innovative appliances that produce a ton of heat while using little fuel. With the Pi, Solo has entered the popular market for home pizza ovens, and we're delighted to inform that this appliance produces excellent pizza. Setting up the Pi is easy: Start the fire, install the snugly fitted two-piece pizza stone, and set it down somewhere sturdy. For added portability, Solo also offers a wheeled platform that is designed to fit the oven. We discovered that despite the firebox's modest size, which necessitates regular inputs of little pieces of wood, it quickly heated the oven and produced a lovely, smokey char on the crust. Since the back of the oven is closest to the fire, where the heat is most intense, you must regularly flip the pizza to ensure equal cooking; nonetheless, this is part of the art of preparing pizza. We found the heat to be more even and controllable when using gas (we also tested the gas burner version of the Pi, which costs more but can use either wood or propane), but that the distinctive smoky overtones of wood-fired pizza are lost. The absence of a front door is arguably this oven's biggest design issue. On a windy day, a gust rushing through the entrance can interfere with the fire burning and even perhaps blow it out. The oven retains adequate heat to cook pizzas without any issues. Cleaning up is a breeze because the Pi heats up to the point where anything stuck to the pizza stone or interior burns to ash and can be easily brushed away once the oven has cooled. To easily dispose of the ash from the cooking fuel, the firebox is also removable. The stainless steel exterior may be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and is designed to withstand outdoor storage. The pizza stone itself can be removed for thorough cleaning and turned over if one side becomes soiled. Overall, while costing a little more, this oven performed fairly similarly to the Ooni Koda above. Despite having a massive cylindrical appearance, it is also almost the same size and weight. Solo offers a variety of Pi-compatible accessories for sale, ranging from a bamboo peel to a complete pizza kit with dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.

 outdoor pizza ovens

  • Price at time of publishing: $450
  • Fuel Source: Wood or propane
  • Pizza Diameter: 12 inches

Temperature Range: Up to 850 °F

Ninja Woodfire 8-in-1 Outdoor Oven

Want the flavor of a wood fire barbecue without the inconvenience of lighting charcoal or wood? Check. pizzas at the level of a pizzeria with the simple flip of a dial? Also, verify. The cutting-edge technology, the capability to impart smoky flavor with only a half-cup of wood pellets, and the adaptability that is packed inside a small but powerful appliance are what makes the Ninja WoodFire 8-in-1 Outdoor Oven stand out.

There is no easier way to make pizza than with the Ninja Woodfire. 

It offers pre-set options for frozen, pan, thin-crust, New York-style, and Neapolitan pizza. Additionally, you can alter the temperature and duration of your special brand of pizza. The longest preheating time, for Neapolitan-style pizza, was 25 minutes, which is still quite fast for an electric oven. However, this wasn't always the case. Depending on the type of pizza you cook, the oven may bake it in anywhere between three minutes for Neapolitan-style pizza to twenty minutes for frozen.

The fact that we didn't have to turn the pizza while it was baking was the best thing about using this oven. All of the cheese on the pizzas was equally melted and the dough had a blistered finish. It took little time to cook pizzas one after the other. Up to four Neapolitan-style pizzas can be cooked simultaneously before requiring some time to reheat. Simply push the "woodfire" ignition button to start adding smoke while making pizza, and it goes to work right away. We quite appreciated the mild, lingering taste of fire that is imparted by the smoke.

Baking a variety of loaves was simple and gave excellent results because the temperatures in the Ninja Woodfire oven can be regulated with a dial. We also used it to produce flatbreads like naan and kulcha, demi baguettes, bagels, and boules. Additionally, it is preassembled. We utilized a 25-foot, 14-gauge extension cord that is also appropriate for outdoor use, even though the manufacturer advises using an SJOW extension cord that is no longer than 50 meters.

 outdoor pizza ovens


  • Price at time of publish: $400
  • Fuel Source: Electricity
  • Pizza Diameter: 12 inches
  • Temperature Range: 105 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Blackstone is the go-to oven for high-output, quick cooking since it heats up quickly and cools down quickly, producing pies continually. This one will work well for users who are confident with routine mechanical repairs and changes and who prioritize quickness over variety and appearance.

 outdoor pizza ovens

  • Price at time of publish: $597
  • Fuel Source: Gas
  • Pizza Diameter: 16 inches
  • Max floor temp: Upto 900°F (480°C)


Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven, Griddle, and Grill

The Cuisinart 3-in-1 Pizza Oven Plus is one of the more cost-effective solutions on this list and offers adaptability, portability, and performance if you want to get the most out of your outdoor pizza oven. The 13-inch cordierite pizza stone that comes with this Cuisinart oven may be used to cook pizzas, but it also has 260 square inches of grilling space and 233 square inches of griddle space. Even with all of that capability, the ease of use of this model as a pizza oven and the uniformity of the finished pies most impressed us.

The face of the oven reached 600 degrees in 15 minutes during testing. We found it simple to turn the pizzas, which only need to be done once, halfway through cooking. It has a lovely oven-style opening with a top that folds down. The cheese will be evenly cooked and the crust will be crisp, so very little watching is required.

There is a dual-hinged top that you can flip up and down to switch between cooking modes when you want to go on to searing steaks, grilling hamburgers, or frying eggs. There is also integrated storage for the grill grate and griddle plate.

Our only issue with this appliance was its difficult setup, but once it was put together, it was really simple to operate. Even though it isn't the lightest pizza oven on our list, you should be able to transport it in the car for camping vacations, tailgating, and other activities.

 outdoor pizza ovens


  • Price at time of publish: $300
  • Heat Source: Propane
  • Pizza Diameter: 13 inches

Temperature Range: Up to 700 °F


Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

Using the Smart Pizza Oven from Breville, we created crispy pizzas right on our countertop. Even though inside pizza ovens can't achieve as high temperatures as outdoor ovens, this oven nonetheless produced crusts with a golden brown color. It heated up quickly and evenly, and we appreciate that it doesn't need to be assembled. Just remove it from the packaging, plug it in, and choose one of the machine's pre-programmed settings, such as "Wood Fired," "Thin and Crispy," or "Pan Pizza."

The Breville's manual mode gives you more control over the heating method and lets you independently adjust the radiant heat, conductive heat, and convective heat if you want a little more input into the ups and downs of the baking process. Convective heat guarantees completely melted cheese, while conductive heat regulates the heated foundation which results in a burnt bottom. Radiant heat is a powerful, direct heat that is designed to give a spotted crust. We found that each pizza baked uniformly, and we strongly suggest this concept for quick, effective pizza indoors.

 outdoor pizza ovens

Price at time of publishing: $1000

Fuel source: Electricity

Pizza Diameter: 12 inches

Temperature range: Up to 750°F


Each brand we tested had its unique specifications, which might have varied from one another. We test various brands before making a choice, and Pizzello Pizza Oven company provides a significant number of advantages over the competition. It has additional features at a reasonable cost.


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