You might just get your Pizzello Pizza Oven from, some of you may have some problems to let the oven heat up to the temperature which is enough to cook your pizzas. Now Pizzello is going to share some tips to you.
If your Pizzello Forte Gas is not reaching 752°F (400°C), proceed as follows:

1. Remove your regulator from the gas bottle and set it aside for 5 minutes

2. Reconnect the gas regulator and carefully open the propane tank's gas tap.

3. Make sure your oven is on a flat surface. Uneven surfaces can disrupt the flow of oxygen, causing the flame to die.

Push in and slowly turn your oven's gas control dial anticlockwise. Because there will be a tiny delay while the gas goes through the pipe to the burner, it is critical that this process take 5 seconds from 12 to 9 o'clock.

Hold the control knob in place for at least 5 seconds after your oven has ignited. This allows the burner to fully light and promotes the gas to flow.

If your Pizzello Forte Gas is still not becoming hot enough after completing the above instructions, proceed as follows:

Check that you're using the proper gas tank. Your oven may not reach appropriate temperatures if the tank is too small.

Consider these weather conditions:
If it's quite cold outdoors, you may need to wait a little longer for your oven and stone to heat up.
If it's windy outdoors, the flame's power will be reduced. Always avoid firing up your oven in extremely windy conditions, or situate it so that the opening faces downwind.

If your Pizzello Forte Gas is still not getting hot enough after following the procedures above, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

For wood fired pizza oven:

A load of 100% hardwood pellets for Pizzello Pizza Oven can last up to 20 minutes. If you are still cooking pizza, I suggest adding a tiny scoop of pellets every 5 minutes or so to keep the level at the top of the hopper. You must gradually top them up till they reach the top of the hopper.

To maintain proper ventilation and temperatures, top up lightly and frequently. Allow the burning region to receive the pellets by gravity. Pushing pellets down will smother the flame, reduce airflow, and cause low temperatures. Every time you add pellets, you can touch the hopper with the scoop to make sure none are stuck.

This facilitates optimal pellet flow and even distribution throughout the grate.

The temperature, flame, and potential for smoke in Pizzello oven will all decrease if the baffle is kept nearly closed. Keep the door on, the chimney open, and the pellet supply topped off for a Pizzello oven's brightest flame.

Incomplete combustion is another possibility, therefore you need to make sure you have enough airflow. Once the hopper is full of pellets, a nice trick is to tap the hopper with the pellet scoop.

All you have to do is practice managing your fuel and keeping a rolling flame, for example. tapping the fuel grate and the hopper.

Hope this tutorial can help you. Keep practice, and you will enjoy your own delicious homemade pizza!

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