You recently invested in the greatest Pizzello pizza oven, and now you're prepared to produce a freshly made, traditional pizza at home.

Congratulations for making such a wise investment, first of all! You're just a few steps away from creating a pizza that is as delicious and crispy as one you buy at the store.

Owning a pizza oven is one thing, but using it to make wonderful pizza is quite another. Making this snack requires talent and elegance, but with a few small try here and there, you'll quickly become an expert.

So what temperature should a pizza oven be at?

Let's check the temperature of the pizza oven right now.

The normal temperature range for commercial pizza ovens is 700°F to 800°F. You might be shocked to learn that a traditional wood-fired oven can really cook at temperatures between 750°F (400°C) and 900°F (500°C). You can create your own pizza in your backyard with the Pizzello Pizza Oven, which is portable and simple to install and has a maximum temperature of 752°F.

Pizzello Pizza Oven with Temperature

Ideally, the temperature should be between 600°F (350°C) and 850°F (450°C). However, I'd advise cooking at 600°F. In just 60 seconds, this temperature will result in a crisp crust and wonderfully melted cheese. 

Before you begin cooking, the oven has to be preheated for around 20 minutes. The crust can achieve the ideal crispy quality in a hot pizza oven without becoming dry or brittle. Keep in mind that the crust is one of the primary indicators of a wonderful pizza.

Naturally, certain consumers may overheat in hot environments. As a result, the chimney on our pizza oven can be opened so that you may change the settings and use the built-in thermometer to check the temperature. Without setting off smoke alarms, an open chimney raises the temperature and airflow within the oven.

The ideal operating range for a Pizzello pizza oven is between 600°F to 752°F, or 350°C and 400°C. Aiming for 600°F would be beneficial since this temperature will allow the pizza to cook in just 90 seconds. As normally, the oven must be preheated.

Pizza ovens from Pizzello heat up in around 25 minutes. However, take care not to overheat the oven. When preheating the pizza oven, especially the wood-fired outdoor oven, it would be beneficial to take the temperature of the surrounding environment into account.

You can reduce the temperature a little bit if the day is too warm. Additionally, you may raise the temperature if it's winter. Just watch out for the pizza burning.

How do I know when the dough is ready to go into the oven?

The oven should be heated to the proper setting. All you need is that. However, the issue arises when the pizza is placed too early and fails to brown properly. Alternatively, if you lay it too late, the crust will burn.

The secret is to only add a tiny amount of pizza dough and wait for it to cook. You wouldn't want the first pizza to be a substantial piece because the first one often becomes very crispy. Before proceeding with your cooking, it's wise to give it a try in smaller quantities.

Keep an eye on the food while it cooks by being near the oven. You don't want the pizza to burn when you return after leaving it to bake.

Also, try to limit how often you open the door. It may be left slightly open. Additionally, if you close it, be careful to check the oven at brief intervals.

I do however have an oven window. Should I not close the door? Yes, I am aware that is the general consensus, but it is also essential to leave the door open in order to allow fresh air in.

Of course, opening the door results in a dip in temperature and might postpone things. The pizza will brown more slowly and taste better if you let some oxygen into the oven.

That is today’s tutorial for making a perfect homemade pizza with Pizzello Pizza Oven.

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