Can I use my Pizzello Pizza Oven in the cold?

Yes - cold weather won’t affect the way your Pizzello Pizza Oven performs. 

In very cold conditions, you may need to allow your oven and stone a little bit longer to preheat.

If using your oven with the gas burner in cold weather, use propane.

Leaving ovens uncovered in cold/wet periods - can take longer to pre-heat.

Can I use my Pizzello Pizza Oven in rain or snow? 

Yes, the performance of your Pizzello Pizza Oven will not be impacted by rain or snow.

Make careful to put your Pizzello Pizza Oven under a cover if you want to leave it outside during inclement weather.

Make sure the chimney cap is on your chimney as well to keep snow and rain from getting inside your oven.


Can I use my Pizzello Pizza Oven in windy conditions?

When the wind is really strong, we don't recommend using your Pizzello pizza oven.

If wind cannot be avoided, place your oven so that the rear of it faces the wind (always avoid wind blowing directly into the front of your oven).

Can I use my Pizzello Pizza Oven at high altitudes?

The performance of your oven might be impacted by high altitudes. Lower gas pressure and dimmer flames could be apparent. If so, give your oven a little more time to heat up.

The oven might not reach the dangerous temperatures as a result.

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