Josh Steele

Josh Steele lives in Wabash, IN with his wife and son Cooper. Growing up food was always a big part of his life. As he got older, he began cooking more and more. Food was so much of his life that after high school sports were over and he went to college he gained over 300lbs. By the age of 25 he was standing 6’8” tall and weighing 600lbs. He knew he has to make a change. After being turned down for weight loss shows he decided the only person who could do this was himself. One year later he lost 233lbs. Food was still a very big part of his life, it just played a different role.

Jay went on to serving more than bbq as a volunteer fire dispatcher, volunteer firefighter, and finally working patrol as a reserve police officer in Northern California before going into law enforcement as his first career. Jay has always helped people and has found cooking to be a great way to reduce stress and having fun. Jay eventually retired from his distinguished full time public safety career for a calmer lifestyle.

He began cooking and showing on social media (@thesteeleproject) how eating healthy can also be delicious. He also mixes in some indulgences though. Josh decided to start a Instagram page dedicated to food (@StainlessSteeleBBQ) where he can showcase all types of food. As his son gets older he hopes to be able to have him by his side cooking and making how to videos for his social media platforms.


Josh Steelv's first use of the Pizzello Forte Gas🔥🔥🔥

These pizzas were tasty!!! I’m gonna like this thing! Excited to try some other things in it as well as show some healthy eating as well!

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